mayday mayday
can anybody hear my call?
I’ve changed planes with the risk of a free fall

auto-pilot’s now inactive
‘free will’ is turned to hyperactive
i’ve changed planes with the risk of a free fall

I long for searing through the sky
with no safety net standing by
I might crash into the sea;
there’s no one else to blame but me

I’ma go off radar
i’ma go off of the radar
i’ma turn into vapor
i’ma go off of the radar

i’ma go off the radar

austrich policy don’t work for me
my head in the sand won’t clear up what I fear to see

I’m shaking out the sand of my hair
i’ve left my shoes for a different pair

these shoes of led won’t lighten up my thred

I long for more stability,
when the world keeps on poking me
when I get pushed into a ditch,
i’ll just accept that life’s a bitch


Full throttle on my spaceshuttle
rocking on my airguitar
yeah i’ll be hanging with the stars
hey hey hey hey

I didn’t press on SOS
I needed the crash to make more progress
No panic on my Titanic
I needed the sinking to make it sink in

i’ma go i’ma i’ma go go





a dollar makes me holler
my special juice is gonna help me win

Hopped on a plane to escape the life
of working each day from nine up to five
I soak up the sun on a plastic bed
watching the pale turn red

I’m in this resort to find peace of mind
the guy next to me likes to order a pint
he barks at the waiter, like he’s a dictator:
“move your ass, ‘cause I need to be catered”

This is how we roll, this is how we do
free from stress, nontheless we stay ass*****

feel on top because you pay contribution
to a classy committee to stop the pollution
you’re so well-used to being the boss
you now terrorize the hotelstaff

made sure your room has an oceanview
but still signed your name on a bad review
eat like a pig, king of this trip, payed in advance
so to hell with the tip


we’ve got piramides – NO
we’ve got koshari – NO
how about ‘Honey Boo Boo’ on your cable TV? – YEAH
the Valley of the Kings – NO
we’ve got saidi – NO
the latest Gucci fragrance or a purse of Louis V.? – YEAH




you’ve got me feeling like a safety pin
you wreck the walls under the roof I must keep from caving in

you’re saying yes but your head’s shaking
I run around without a clue and keep my eyes open for you

you say ‘nothing’s wrong’
while your hand’s on that girls bum

what are you taking me for?
you are mistaking me for your maybe baby

you’ve got me walking on porcelin
this elephant is way too strong to keep me from demolishing

you make me feel like i’m not worth bragging to all your friends about
you’re so proud to take me out

you say ‘nothing’s wrong’
while your hand’s on that girls bum

what are you taking me for?
you are mistaking me for your maybe baby

i took the gold, i set the score
I ain’t no runner up no more

your maybe baby, your maybe baby



what happened to the paradise
after we closed our eyes, last night

sharing our sheets and racing heartbeats
sugar and spice

you keep your indexfinger upon the trigger
tell me not to run
you said ‘save your breath for later’
as you point your gun

Black butterflies
kill us in the night
when they come, come run

killer killer

I lay my head in your hands
and i thought i kept your heart in mine
the stranger the stranger
the less that i had to draw the lines



as i turn to hide, you show your soft side
but underneath your sheepskin
I can see your teeth blinking
who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
with eyes so gentle that turn so cruel





No biggie, no big deal
check my armpits: no sweat to feel
Stressy situation
gritty conversation
but my shoulders can carry your boulders

Like big foot, you stomp in
but your soles will do no crushing
got good at adapting
so bring on your acting
I got resistant to your overreacting

this shit won’t get to me
i’m staring so blankly
try to get me emotionally
you’re failing tragically

You always wait ‘till the sun goes down
for the wolf to come out
you see the moon and start tos hout
you let out you let out you let out you let it out

Well-mannered, so polite
you’ve got your cards dealt just right
all self-made, you strutt your parade
one big messed-up masquerade

I stand by in the shade
hear you say how things are great
but in our appartement
you let down your armour
you turn into a complaint department

it is that time of the day
nobody wanted to stay
the audience’s gone away
now you’re so lonely


All that fronting turns into a lot of air but little you

this big bubble, smells like trouble

An overkill of packaging, can’t see what it is wrapping

you wanna be loved, wanna be loved
but you’re pushing us off, pushing us off!




Could all the pretty people please line up?
Form a line if you stand straight up
one step forwards if you feel that you’re a real diamond

Could all perfect bodies take a step forwards to show to those too upset:
we all have errors, don’t stick to your island

You are
you are
you are
a rhinestone in the rough
shiny enough

Could all people raise a hand if you’re completely confident
now close your eyes if you realize you’re a pearl

could all people that feel they’re in a comfortable state and perfect skin;
open their hearts, to let the others in?


be the lighthouse
be the beacon
believe it
don’t keep seeking for a signal
be the lighthouse



I’ve got it bad
keep bumping my head
into a wall of concrete
I can’t seem to beat

can’t detect it:
that different exit
so I’ma hit that wall
untill I break a hole

I hear them say
‘it’s okay,
won’t you fold
yourself into our mold?’

your ambition’
But I ain’t gonna quit
‘cause I believe in it

Let’s keep it up
you know we’ve got to
stick it out
I’d rather die on my feet
then live on my knees
I’ve gotta preach what I believe

we’re in this mill
but dreamers still
got their pen
to write an escape-plan

Does it sink in?
Can’t keep it in
I ain’t gonna quite
if I believe in it


we are divided into
those who think
and those who do,

those who wait
before they say,
and those who just chat away

I ain’t got no master plan
of what, how, where or when

I’ll just do
as I do
and i’ll just continue to

Keep it up

I wanna wanna build a house of fishsticks
wanna wanna fill my pool with toothpicks
wanna cover up my face with cake
and not shower for fourty days



I’ll apologize already; if i forget your name
There’s just so much going on in the center of my brain
I remember where the spots are located on your face
But due to details I keep processing for days

I’m still here but my head had left the building
I have left the building
You can keep on talking but I’m merrily blinking
Merrily blinking

I don’t want no pill
That will keep me chill
I am not your patient
I am not your patient
Don’t need no mending
Just need some understanding
I am not your patient
I am not your patient

The doctor told me there’s a sticker i can place
In the middle of my forehead to confirm my dodgy ways
So everyone can see something might be wrong with me
I’m so glad i’ll get a label to identify me

I’m still here but my head had left the building
I have left the building
You can keep on talking but I’m merrily blinking
Merrily blinking


There’s just so much to see, let’s call it ADD





you are voltaire
a walking contradiction
like Fort Nox
with open doors

I got scared
as I built a bridge to let you in
and share a shore

I try I try I try
to be brave
but I’m not sure, not sure, not sure
it’s safe

‘Cause I always seem to have a heart
for the birds that can’t be caught
always seem to have a weak spot
for the hearts that stay on lock
I lower my defence, with only good intent
each time I attempt it…
I leave empty handed.
You leave me empty-handed

You are Voltaire
not making any sense
say I’m free, but bind my hands
I’m out of breath
as I keep running in circles as you
make your bed
but you can’t make up your head

I try I try I try to keep cool
But I’m too sure too sure too sure
I’ll be fooled


They say that it’s nice to love
but all I know is it is tough
why handle my heart so rough?
All the glitter is wearing off

You are Voltaire…





Things have dried up
this swamp is gone

I won’t sink in now that I’ve moved on

white flags waving
the grass grows greener
now this haven is swept clean

rid me of the bullshit
rid me of the crap
rid me of the problem
i’m not looking back

I don’t want to have to do with you

So give it all up
give it all up now baby
not giving no love
giving no love no no


Straightened my back
combed my hair
say whatever ‘cause I don’t care


Pushed you over
can’t keep low

Dust is yours now, watch me go




Oh so certain I would stick
you kept me stuck just like a brick

So give it all up, not giving you love, no baby


Oh how the tables turned

You are left with your fingers burnt

So give it all, not giving you love, no baby